This new and improved still head is all one piece which allows the facile grease-free distillation of small /large quantities of solvents under anaerobic conditions. Various improvements have made to the standard solvent still head, 3200- series. Which has substantially improved its performance:

1) We attached a 4mm PTFE valve to the inert gas inlet, which allows for the isolation of the still from the handling manifold.

2) The screw cap septum outlet was replaced with a large opening PTFE valve which allows for multiple syringe punctures via pathway through Suba seal septum without breaching the integrity of the still.

3) Modification of the solvent take-off arm by attaching a 4mm PTFE valve and GL-18 TRU-CON™ threaded connection. This provides for independent evacuation and back fill of the receiver flask and for greaseless transfer of solvent, respectively.

4) Incorporation of quick disconnects on the water inlet and outlet lines that facilitate the safe attachment and removal of water lines.

Products Included:

3200-04 Solvent Repurification Distillation Apparatus Head Only

3200-44 Vacuum Flasks

4011-24 Flask, Round Bottom, Angled Two Neck

1085-12 Joint to Tread Inlet Adapter

1095-12 Adapter, Coupling, Threaded, Straight

1096-12 GL Screw Thread Cap

8660-24 [5] 4mm Vacuum Plugs

8675-38 [1] 8mm Vacuum Plug, Extended

2292-02 [2] Quick Disconnect Hose Connection, 1/4"

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