This system is used for liquid solvent collecting with filtration manifolds, gel dryers, vacuum ovens, rotary evaporators, and vacuum concentrators. Our Dry Ice trap improves the solvent recovery process, reliability of the pump, and prevents any downtime normally caused by liquid condensation from reaching the pump.

• Reduces solvent vapors from being released into the environment.
• Heavy-duty Pyrex® glass construction.
• Completely replaces expensive refrigeration devices.
• All Glass construction makes it easier to see trap operation and solvent collection levels.
• Supplied complete with hose connections for 3/8" tubing, quick disconnects, tubing, and cap.

Call for prices on other sizes as well as plastic safety coating.

This system should be used with 8699-Series, Vacuum Pumps


  1. Inspect all equipment, do not use any damaged equipment or glassware.
  2. Carefully connect the trap between your vacuum process port and the inlet port of the vacuum pump.
  3. Using vacuum tubing, make sure all of your connections are secure, do not overtighten.
  4. Place the trap on a stable surface, place dry ice into the center of the trap. Use isopropyl alcohol, not acetone. The cold finger created by the dry ice will trap the moisture on the inside of the chamber walls.

IMPORTANT: Completely empty out the trap after each use and thraw frozen contents before emptying. Leaving dry ice in the trap for an excessive period of time will cause a build up and may eventually damage the trap.

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