The still is designed for safe distillation of heat-sensitive compounds. The material to be distilled is allowed to slowly drop over the center spiral finger which is heated by the reflux vapor from the lower flask [D] for a brief period of time. This avoids decomposition from long term exposure to heat.

Refluxing vapor is used, so no localized heating occurs which eliminates the need for temperature regulating equipment. The desired temperature is determined by the boiling point of the refluxing solvent. This apparatus can be used at atmospheric or reduced pressure and has been used extensively for degassing of viscous liquids, distilling high molecular weight esters, hydrocarbons, silicones, deodorizing oils, and distilling heat sensitive compounds.

This system is made exactly to the original design specifications suggested by Dr. Donald Canham, of Montana State College. Initially manufactured by Kontes item #285600.

System Operation:

A. Flask [D] is filled with the solvent desired and heated to reflux. The boiling solvent vapor maintains a constant temperature at the center spiral finger.

B. Material to be distilled is placed in the addition funnel and adjusted to slowly rip onto the heated center spiral finger. The volatilized material will condense on the air cooled outer wall and collects in flask [E2]. The high boiling material will remain on the center spiral finger and flow down into flask [E1].

Unit of Measure

Item No.

N/A 3190-02

Item Description

N/A Micro Distilation Apparatus, Falling Film Molecular Still, 14/20 Joint Size, 575mm Overall Height

Joint Size

N/A 14/20

Approximate Overall Height

N/A 575 mm

Pkg. Qty.

N/A 1