Vacuum microfiltration assembly designed for the analyses of microbiological or particulate contamination in a variety of small liquid samples. This assembly is particularly useful for general filtration and includes a fritted glass disc that is sealed into the glass support base. The supplied anodized aluminum clamp holds the funnel and base together. One silicone stopper, with a hole, is included and is used to connect the assembly to a filtration flask, NDS Article No. 4104-series.

Unit of Measure

Item No.

N/A 4100-47

Item Description

N/A Microfiltration Assembly with Fritted Glass Support, 47mm Support Base, 300mL Funnel, No. 8 Stopper

Funnel Capacity

N/A 300 mL

Support Base

N/A 47 mm

Pkg. Qty.

N/A 1