Gas wash bottles have a GL-45 thread on both the Dispersion Tube and Bottle.

The pressure tight connection is made with a GL-45 to GL-45 coupling. This connection eliminates the need for grease and springs. The dispersion tube has removable hose connections that provide safe attachment and removable of rubber tubing.

Supplied complete with Coupling Item # 1095-18 and [2] GL-14 removable hose connections Item # 2294-10

Unit of Measure

Item No.

N/A 1526-10

Item Description

N/A Gas Wash Bottles, Fritted Disc, GL 45, 500mL, Coarse Porosity

Product Name

N/A Gas Wash Bottles, Fritted Disc


N/A 500 mL


N/A Coarse

Pkg. Qty.

N/A 1