NDS Le Chatelier flask is used in the determination of specific gravity of cement, sand and fine materials [ASTM C188]. Designed for a 64 gram sample. Body holds approximately 250ml, and the smaller neck bulb holds 17ml. Below the neck bulb, the neck in graduated from 0 to 1.0ml and has two extra 0.1ml lines both above 1.0ml and below 0.0ml. Above the neck bulb, the neck is graduated from 18 to 24ml in 0.1ml subdivisions.
The graduations are white. Supplied with a # 13 penny head stopper

ASTM E 694


Item No.

N/A 1732-02

Item Description

N/A Bottle, Specific Gravity Le Chatelier, Class A, Serialized

Approximate Diameter

N/A 90 mm

Approximate Overall Height

N/A 285 mm

Nominal Volume

N/A 24 mL

Stopper Size

N/A 13

Tolerance (±)

N/A 0.05 mL

Pkg. Qty.

N/A 1