This babcock bottle is used for testing butter fat content. Long and narrow neck, calibrated to a 9 gram sample, to 50%. The scale is a permanent brown stain and designed for AOAC 920.111 test procedures and to meet more restrictive California specifications. Bottle can also be used in tests for unsulfonated residue or petroleum plant spray oils, ASTM D483


Item No.

N/A 3506-50

Item Description

N/A Dairyware, Babcock Bottle, Cream Test, 50% (5mL) Size , 0.5% (0.05mL) Subdiv., 0.25% Tol., 9 Grams Sample Size, 229mm Overall Height


N/A 50% (5mL)

Subdivison (%)

N/A 0.5% (0.05mL)

Tolerance (%)

N/A 0.25%

Sample Size

N/A 9 grams

Pkg. Qty.

N/A 12