This babcock bottle is used for testing butter fat content. Calibrated to a 9 gram sample, to 50%, and an etched vertical line is used to anchor calipers is centered in a contrasting darkened band. Scale is a permanent brown stain and is marked "Sealed 3" for use in states requiring this special marking. Designed to be used in APHA 15.8 or AOAC 920.111 test procedures.
Unit of Measure

Item No.

N/A 3504-50

Item Description

N/A Dairyware, Babcock Bottle, Cream and Cheese Test, Sealed, 50% (5mL) Size, 0.5% (0.05mL) Subdiv., 0.25% Tol., 9 Grams Sample Size, 165mm Overall Height

Size (%)

N/A 50% (5mL)

Subdivison (%)

N/A 0.5% (0.05mL)

Tolerance (%)

N/A 0.25%

Sample Size

N/A 9 grams

Approximate Overall Height

N/A 165 mm

Pkg. Qty.

N/A 12