This bottle is used for testing butter fat content, it is calibrated to 10% and the scale is in a permanent brown stain.
Unit of Measure

Item No.

N/A 3502-10

Item Description

N/A Dairyware, Babcock Bottle, Ice Cream Test, 10% (2mL) Size, 0.1% (0.02mL) Subdiv., 0.1% Tol., 18 Grams Sample Size, 165mm Overall Height

Size (%)

N/A 10% (2mL)

Subdivison (%)

N/A 0.1% (0.02mL)

Tolerance (%)

N/A 0.1%

Sample Size

N/A 18 grams

Approximate Overall Height

N/A 165 mm

Pkg. Qty.

N/A 12