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This distillation head is manufactured with 3 threaded necks, [2] GL-45 and [1] GL-32.

  • [1] GL-45 can be used with item 1085-16, an adapter that allows a 34/45 joint to connect to the GL-45 opening.
  • [1] GL-45 can be used as an opening used to insert more materials into the system
  • [1] GL-32 can be used with item 1086-02, an adapter that allows a thermometer to be inserted to keep track of temperature.
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    3265-13 N/A Distillation Head, Conical Flange, 3 Neck, Threaded N/A 3 N/A GL-45 N/A GL-32 N/A 150 mm N/A 1 $365.00
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