This foot swtich is designed to easily connect and control on and off switching of vacuum pumps and other electrical motors in the lab. Press the top part of the foot switch and it turns the motor on, pressing the bottom of the switch turns it off.

NOTE: For operations which require seperate control initiation; Dual and triple switches are available. Please call with your special requirements.

  • 15 amp, 1/2 HP 125/240 VAC
  • Ergonomically designed to provide comfort and decrease fatigue
  • 6 foot cord with 3 prong grounded plug.
  • Can be hand operated
  • UL Approved

Set up:

  1. Plug your Vacuum pump into the special two way plug at the end of the 6 foot electrical cord
  2. Plug into a grounded receptical
  3. Position the foot switch
  4. Take notice of the on and off positions

    You are now ready to use your vacuum foot switch.


Product Name

N/A Vacuum Foot Switch

Item Description

N/A Vacuum Foot Switch, 15 amp, 1/2 HP 125/240 VAC

Item No.

N/A 9710-00